Monday, January 26, 2015

We Will Embark!

1. Bangkok, baby!

2. P-day adventures are tiring...

3. Our family who got baptized!

4. My planner this transfer!

Well, another transfer week passed, and I'm still in Pakkret with Sister Yanisa! I am so grateful we get another six weeks together...we have a lot of work to do here and our momentum is only building!

A crapton of Elders went home last week...several of whom have made a profound impact on me as a missionary and as person through their examples and their level of consecration. Their work here has made an impact that will be felt for generations to come.

This week was crazy busy, as all transfer weeks are, but this week I noticed a theme about cleanliness. Transfer meeting is always held at our church building and I remembered that for my first transfer meeting, I noticed how clean and well-kept the building was. And when we went to seminary on Tuesday morning, I couldn't help but notice that our building was a little out of shape. So we grabbed some members one afternoon and cleaned the whole church! I didn't know I could get so exhausted cleaning...but the results were so worth it. The idea that you can feel the spirit in a clean atmosphere, whether that be your home or a church building or the temple, is true. And what better way to prepare the Thai saints for the temple than by helping them care for their beautiful church buildings?

On Saturday we went to Asoke (an area in Bangkok) for a special devotional with Sister Gong, the wife of the area-seventy for southern Asia. It was a Sister-missionary-only meeting and it was INCREDIBLE. We talked about fear and how to overcome it. We overcome fear when we have faith in God and love for the people and confidence in ourselves. And those three things increase as we are more obedient and consecrated. And from personal experience, I'm learning that the more consecrated I am, the more fun I have! And this work is all about joy. I've learned if I'm not feeling joyful every day...I'm doing something wrong.

Love you all, I love the Thai saints, and I love being a missionary!
Sister Z.

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