Monday, January 19, 2015

"This isn't missionary work...this is missionary FUN!"

1. Last P day we went to a place called "Break Away" where they lock you in a room and you have to figure out how to get out

2. Feeding fish!

3. Contacting on a bridge! I flipping LOVE this area.

Well I have very little time this week because we're off to go to a planetarium and go shopping for Elder Kohler's last P day! But this week can be summed up entirely with one word: MIRACLES.

Because how else can you explain a 13-year-old girl who decided she wanted to wake up for 530am seminary every morning this week and begging her mom to get baptized with her next Sunday? Those are our investigators right now, a FAMILY who wants nothing more than to be a part of this great gospel and this great work. GOLDEN.

And we've been getting up for early morning seminary for the last week and a half, too, because how lame are you when your investigator goes to more meetings and classes than you? ;) anyways, I've been getting so much out of seminary. We're reading in the Doctrine and Covenants this year and...the Thai members, they get it. They can read a section of scripture from anywhere and pull out the most basic, central, important doctrines that help build faith and testimonies. I can't say enough about the understanding and testimonies of the saints here.

We've spent practically this entire week hanging out (and eating) with members. And I'm learning so much, about how to just love the members, how to get to know them, how to talk to them. I've learned so much from Sister Yanisa these last six weeks about the Thai language and how to communicate better -- lessons that make me a better missionary than I was before. So grateful that Yanisa and I got to be companions! Literally my whole life has been in Thai for the last month, and it's been awesome. I learn new words and phrases every day and I'm loving every second of it. There's something about learning languages that clicks in my brain. I've been very blessed to be able to understand this language even with limited opportunities to study, but now with the opportunity to speak it 24/7, my brain has exploded! I'm starting to find it easier to speak in thai than english.

And another miracle -- we've been teaching our Laotian members and investigators: Sister K and her sister-in-law Sister B. But Sister B wasn't able to go to church because she works shifts from 2am to 2pm and our last sacrament meeting here ends at 2pm...but we walked into 1pm sacrament meeting and who was there but Sister B! I always feel the spirit so strongly around the Laotian members and investigators...there's something so unique and special about their connection to the Spirit.

I was thinking about Sister K, the Laotian member who got baptized two months ago, and as I was doing so I was overwhelmed with an impression that she will help build the stakes of Zion in Laos. Pretty cool, huh? I'm just so grateful I get to be a tiny, tiny piece in this huge picture the Lord is building here in this little corner of paradise.

A temple is coming to this country.

Love you all!
Sister Z.

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