Monday, February 2, 2015

Finding Joy in Finding!

1. Sometimes we get a little carried away cleaning the church. :)

2. I just really like donuts (and this one has a cow on it :))

This week has been all about FINDING. It all started when I was looking at my vision for this transfer, which is, that I will learn to enjoy contacting! Because that hasn't always been my favorite thing to do. So I spent all my personal study this week studying about finding in Preach My Gospel and the scriptures. And the result is...I LOVE CONTACTING. It's now one of my favorite things to do (along with baptizing, retaining, activating, and teaching).

And then Heavenly Father just decided to bless me with a ton of opportunities to practice the principles I learned this week. As we were contacting this week on a switch-off in Bangkhae, we met two women who were very interested and had many questions about baptism and why it was important. I was able to bear testimony about the restoration of the priesthood and gospel in the short three minutes we talked, and it felt so good...and the two women felt it too. When we testify, God can speak through us to those who we are finding.

We also happened to get in a taxi with a man who knew who we were...he'd taken missionaries places in the past...I was able to have a good 5-minute conversation about his family and him...he wasn't interested, but it was a sign to me that the Lord is preparing people and using us to help prepare those around us so that in 1, 5, 10 or 20-plus years, their hearts will finally be opened and they will let the light of the gospel in.

And this week we've had the unique opportunity to work with some of the English/International members in the Chaengwattana International ward here to learn about family history so we can help our recent thai converts to get started on their family history work. And let me just say, the Spirit of Elijah is REAL. I felt so excited as I started to work on my own family tree and was able to find people who need ordinances done in the temple. Finding isn't limited to street contacting...there are people already being taught on the other side of the veil who are ready to accept God's plan and be baptized...they just need someone to find them!

I promise that God's plan is perfect. He loves each of us so much and wants us to experience the happiness that comes from being baptized and living with our families for eternity.

Love, Sister Z.

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