Monday, August 18, 2014

You can't always get what you want...

Second week in Thailand! I don't even know where to begin with all that's happened.

I'll start with sweat. It really doesn't feel that hot or humid here to me, but then suddenly I'll notice drops of sweat falling off my face and then I'll remember I'm in Thailand. It's even worse if you're running. Speaking of running....last week we were talking with people in the park and we talked to this runner named Jackie and he was really interested in going to church and meeting with us. We had just turned to go on our way and he started running again, when suddenly Sister Ladle stopped us and said, "wait! we didn't invite him to be baptized!" so she started booking it after him, bag and everything. The result is that he has a baptismal date, and he's super excited about it (not nearly as excited as we are, though).

There are lizards everywhere here. And they camp out in our tennis shoes a lot. So one morning when we went running I felt something clammy crawling down my leg and I realized it was a lizard! It was a really uncomfortable sensation, but I was still half-asleep so there was no screaming or freaking out. I'm such a boss.

So...when I was like 14 or something like that, I was pretty obsessed with Korean music. I never guessed that would ever help me later in life, but it turns out that pretty much everyone in Thailand listens to K-pop, and all the members in the ward think it's the funniest/greatest thing that I know it as well as I do.

People drive on the other side of the road here. I'm not used to dreading right turns haha. I only had a few biff-ups this week! And I got back on the bike right away as opposed to crying on the side of the road/parking lot for an hour. Haha... Speaking of nerve-wracking things, we switch off phone days here and so every other day I have to make all the calls and talk to everyone -- in Thai. It's, um, still not something I enjoy, but I've gotten pretty good at it. Everyone is just shocked at my Thai around here, so I guess for a greenie I speak it pretty well.

Oh! On Tuesday, we have district meeting. So we take a bus for like an hour to go meet our Elders, and we have district meeting and then go get frozen yogurt at a little froyo place. I NEVER thought I'd miss Provo/froyo, but it was the greatest thing I've ever had since being here in Thailand. Okay, maybe slight exaggeration, but only slight. Frozen yogurt is a tender mercy. As is Dairy Queen. They have those here. Oh man those are so good. Tuesday was also mother's day in Thailand! There were fireworks! I loooove fireworks, and here in Kalasin they really know how to put on a fireworks show.

Every day I come home tanner and more tired than I thought was possible to be and still be functional (don't worry mom, I put on lots of sunscreen -- and I reapply on some days, too ;)). And to be honest, most days it doesn't even feel worth it at the end of the day, after no success and having people show up drunk to lessons. But we still get up the next morning and keep going and moving forward. There's no standing still on the strait and narrow path, you're either climbing upwards or sliding downwards. There is nothing glamorous about what we do. Don't think that any missionary goes into it for the fame and glory (I suppose some people might go into it thinking that, but that idea is lost very quickly). We're here to serve and give everything we have and are to the Lord's work. How I have energy to make it through every day is beyond me, but as long as I'm here I'll continue to give it my all.

I love you all! Have a great week!

1. We made curry! there's me with some raw chicken. Mmmm.
2. the view from our apartment bedroom window (feat. a storm rolling in)
3. my bike! it's called..."The Black...Mambaaaaa...." :) Originally called Mahnnsiidaa, or Black Devil, because of how many times it's almost caused me serious accidents.
Sister Zoller

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