Monday, August 25, 2014

But if you try sometimes, you might find, you get what you need

1. President and Sister Senior, and our senior missionaries, 
Elder and Sister Stoker, came to visit our ward 
in Kalasin this weekend! So much fun!

2. Cocoa Yen as mentioned in the good. So good.

3. me and Elder Hinkson (awkwardly taken and 
photobombed by a variety of Elders in our zone haha)

4. The lake at the park where we go contacting most often!

5. Various members and one of our investigators at our Friday night 
Book of Mormon class! The members here are hilarious and awesome missionaries 
and teachers. Their faith and knowledge of the gospel is so inspiring!

This week, there were a lot of big and little miracles in the midst of a really brutal week of work and not very much success.

Miracle number one is called Tiger Balm. It's this weird cream (smell/feels/looks just like vicks, that stuff you use when you have a sore throat) that you put on mosquito bites and ohhh sweet relief. It's a lifesaver. The second miracle is Cocoa Yen, which is basically cold/iced chocolate (think opposite of hot chocolate). It's so amazing. They give it to us free at the hospital where we volunteer every week and it's just the greatest thing.

On Saturday, we went to Roi-Et for district training and most of the zone was there, which was cool because I finally got to meet and hang out with some more missionaries (it gets really lonely up in Kalasin with just me and Sister Ladle for miles and miles in any direction). And guess who's training in Roi-Et right now...Elder Hinkson from my MTC district! It was SO good to see him again! He's doing great, has an awesome trainer, and it loving the work. I didn't realize how many inside jokes our district has until we were talking over lunch and just about every other thing that was said was a reference to something that happened in the MTC.

You know when you hate something for long enough, you start to love it? I realized yesterday that that's what's happening to me and biking. It's still hard and kinda nerve-wracking, but my average number of near-death experiences has gone down significantly, and sometimes at night when it finally cools down and the breeze picks up and it's dark, I realize I'm enjoying it. That's been a miracle, too.

So we get to teach English every week as part of our agreement with the Thai government to teach the gospel here, and it's insanely fun. Here in Kalasin we just have one class for all ages/levels of experience, which is a bit of a unique challenge sometimes, but it's all the same another miracle because I've always wanted to teach English and I passed up an opportunity to do that to come on a mission, and now I get to teach it every week. God really is mindful of me, and I know He is mindful of all of us.

Funny story of the week: we were out contacting and I talked to a guy who seemed really interested, we started talking about the gospel and God and he said he's studied our religion and a lot of others. So we're talking, and then suddenly he says, out of the blue, that he saw God, and he starts describing it in detail to me, how God told him to do whatever and go to whatever church he felt like...yeah...turns out he wasn't really interested. But it was really funny because it's probably the most in-depth/longest conversation I've ever had with a Thai person.

We haven't had a whole lot of success with numbers this week. President Senior sent me to a pretty tough area, and it's hard to have so many good people just falling through the cracks or vanishing. I love the scripture James 1:5 for a lot of reasons. It's pretty significant in our church because it inspired Joseph Smith to kneel in a grove of trees and ask a question of God. But I particularly like that it says that God "giveth to all men liberally." And it's so true! If we want help, if we need strength, if we need a specific gift or just support, all we have to do is ask.

Lastly but not leastly, huge shoutout to Elder Chase Junge because he just got his visa to Brazil! He's been serving stateside waiting for his visa for more than a year now, just an incredible missionary and friend and he's been a huge part of why I'm out here and I'm so excited for him to go to Brazil.

Have a great week everyone!
Sister Zoller

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