Monday, March 2, 2015

Strike it up (nobody's gonna stop my sound)

1. I love this girl so much. So bummed that we won't be staying together! These last two transfers have been so good. So good.

2. Cleaning the baptismal font. One of my favorite things to do!

Transfer week! Don't yet know who will be moving in our district, but we're about 90% sure Sister Yanisa is leaving. I would be very surprised if she stayed. But anything is possible!

Sometimes when you do the right thing, you feel like you're standing alone. Being a missionary can feel surprisingly lonely at times...but every time I feel like that I just have to turn to the Savior in prayer. He is ALWAYS there, and He ALWAYS understands.

Heavenly Father is just the best. He knows me (and you and each of us) so well -- our real needs, the desires of our hearts. and he can bless us with love for others and the ability to carry on. And he can do more than carry us...he can make us FLY.

There are SO MANY good investigators right now. One dude named D...he's buddhist. We met him sitting outside the church as Sister Yanisa and I were about to go out. When we asked him why he was sitting there, he said he'd seen our church building a few times but that day the gate was open and he felt like going in. So we taught him...and he's so golden. He loves the idea that he can talk to his Heavenly Father and ask for help with anything. He prays like a BOSS. It's a conversation when he prays. Like "Heavenly Father, I don't really know why I have this desire to come to church. I don't know why I feel good or why I came here. But I don't really want to change those desires. Help me to figure stuff out." I want to cry when he prays he's so เก่ง (good/skilled/incredible). I wish we would all pray like that more often.

Well I'm out of time for today...I love you all!
Sister Z.

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