Monday, November 3, 2014

One night in Bangkok makes a hard (girl) humble....

It's November. I've been a missionary for five months. I've finally finished my two months of MTC training and three months of in-field training. And it's been BRUTAL. I can't tell you how many tears I've shed, how badly I've wanted to go home, how much I've prayed and how many times I've asked God why He has forsaken this land and these people.

I remember my first night in Bangkok. I was jet-lagged and in waaaay over my head. I remember trying to write in my journal about everything and just nodding off in the middle of a word. I remember looking out the window of the train we were on and praying for God to bless these people of Thailand because this is my home now. I remember walking the streets the first day inviting just hours after we landed and wondering how the heck I was going to make a difference here.

I've been so humbled here. I thought I was good before the mission. I thought I knew how to work hard and sacrifice everything...and all these last five months as a missionary have taught me is that I don't know how to do any of that. But as much as it hurts to be humbled, it's a good kind of pain. It's a refining process.

So, transfers were this week! And we found out Tuesday night that the three of us were going to white-wash out of Kalasin, and that our four Elders from Maha-Sarakham were going to come to Kalasin! So we were sad to leave, but excited to know that our members would be in such good hands with our elders. We helped them move into Kalasin and then we all seven of us came down to Bangkok for transfer meeting. It was soooo good to see everyone from my district again! We all had to come down to do our Visas, and a lot of us were moving/getting new companions.

1. Me and Sister Herrmann after our temporary switch-off doing visa work!

2. The clouds here are crazy. I love it.

I ended up being called to Don Muang, which is an area in the Bangkok North Zone that services a thai ward (Don Muang) a thai branch (Pakkret) and an international english-speaking ward (Chaengwattana). We serve THREE UNITS here. Talk about different! And now I'm companions with Sister Ellis! She trained Sister Brown, so I've only heard good things about her and since being companions with her I can only say that they're all true. She is one of the sweetest people I've ever met, so caring and loving for me and for the work and we work together so well! I'm excited for the next six weeks.

3. Companionship picture after church on Sunday. Me and Sister Ellis!

We had two baptisms yesterday -- the two sets of elders here each had one. And I felt the Spirit so strongly confirming that this is not a God-forsaken land. God is here, it's just hard to see him sometimes. But He's here. He hasn't abandoned us or these people. And we're going to see miracles here in Don Muang because of Him.

Sorry this email was kinda all over the place again. This week was insane with moving and visas and packing and unpacking. Still doesn't feel real that I'm in Bangkok and not Kalasin anymore! Oh well. Have a great week everyone!

4. Selfie with ZEBRA CAKES aka my favorite treats of all time that don't exist in Thailand. Shoutout to my mom for being the best mom ever and shoutout to Sister Speas' stepmom for bringing them. Thank you soo so so so much!

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