Monday, October 6, 2014

"Prove Me Now Herewith"

1. Me and Sister ลิ. I love her to death! She did my hair in really pretty braids on Sunday and helped take care of us when Sister Ladle got sick on Saturday night/Sunday.

2. An "evolution" picture with Elder Chamberlain, me, Visser, and Johnson! We're all exactly a transfer apart, and we're all way tight. I guess as you get older in the mission, you get more evolved? ;)

3. wai-ing in front of a Buddha at the temple!

This week was crazy long and crazy hard. It started on Monday with going to a Buddhist Temple that had Mummies with a bunch of elders from our zone! It was waaaay creepy because they weren't really mummies, they were just really really well-preserved bodies. It was a fun day, just kinda unnerving at parts. Then we had FHE at Sister ลิ's house. She's a member here and has basically adopted all three of us and she makes amazing food, so it was a super relaxing day overall. And it POURED buckets of water right before the sun set so it got way cold (cold=65ish degrees) and I loved every second of it!

Then on Tuesday night, Sister Lam got way sick and was completely physically out all of Wednesday. Seriously, we didn't even leave our apartment (except to get crepes and food at 7-eleven). And Thursday we had training in Roi-Et which was way fun but we were gone more than half the day! and Saturday afternoon Sister Ladle got way sick too, so all of Saturday evening and Sunday we were at home. It feels like we haven't gotten much done work-wise, but we currently have an investigator set to get baptized next weekend! We're way excited to get back into the swing of things.

This weekend was fast Sunday (we don't get to watch general conference until next weekend) and I noticed a ton of blessings that came to me from fasting. I've never really noticed that before. I've never had a testimony of fasting before, but I decided to really take it seriously this weekend and I now believe very strongly that it works! I love that because that's how all the commandments are -- we can try them out, we can literally "prove the Lord!" And that's how we get testimonies, that's how our investigators become converted, and that's how WE become converted!

So that's the challenge for the week. Pick something you have a hard time with and choose to prove the Lord. He will fulfill all his promises that he has made to you. Alma 37:17: "For he will fulfill all his promises which he shall make unto you, for he has fulfilled his promises which he has made unto our fathers."

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